Getting Excited for the New Francis Ford Coppola Winery Pool


You've probably heard a bit about the Rustic Francis' Favorites restaurant at Francis Ford Coppola's new Geyserville winery, but as the weather finally turns nice, it's the pool that's got us excited. It's unfortunately not slated to open until October (the date was pushed back from Labor Day), but here are some quick previews.

I mean really, how many times wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma have you longed to take a dip? This will be the first winery in Northern California with a swimming pool open to the public. Actually, it's two pools, and they're going to be connected by "swim through." Very nice.

Other grounds highlights will include bocce ball courts (always a solid post-wine-tasting activity) some requisite Godfather memorabilia (oh hello there, Don Corleone's desk) and a Pavilion, that's slated to hold stuff like star gazings with astronomers (kinda cool?), grape growing seminars and art events. Last weekend, for example, the Pavilion held a release party for Zoetrope: All Story, Francis Ford Coppola's acclaimed short fiction and art quarterly.

So back to the pool: It's $8 a day (towel included) and you'll be able to rent cabines (equipped with a private shower) for $25 a day. The whole thing's being billed as more of a family experience (apparently there are going to be hoisted "family" flags available to identify it as reserved...yikes), but that isn't stopping us. Also, there's an al fresco cocktail bar. Score.

We don't have photos yet (the grounds are still under construction), but once we get our paws on those we'll publish some eye candy.

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