A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Becoming Gamora for Halloween [Video]

A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Becoming Gamora for Halloween [Video]


“I never liked Disney princesses," says Gina Pell, former chief curator at fashion e-tailer Joyus, creator of emoji app LOLy, and content chief of fun newsletter The What. “My favorite heroines are tough."

Gamora, the green-skinned warrior goddess from blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, proved the perfect doppelgänger for Pell. The remarkable transformation required more than just a coat of emerald-green body paint and magenta hair extensions. “We didn't want Gamora to look like just another Elphaba from Wicked, so to up the glam quotient, we really had to bring in the beauty," says MAC Cosmetics senior artist Victor Cembellin.

Though our team used an industrial airbrush on Pell, try MAC paint sticks as an alternative, and use acrylic paints to achieve Gamora's tribal markings. “From what I can tell, Victor did a better job than the makeup artist for the film," says Pell. “I love strong females of color, and in this case, she just happens to be green."

WATCH THE HOW-TO VIDEO by Maggie Winterfeldt


What you'll need:

Pre-dyed magenta human hair extension tracks
1 ¼ inch barrel curling iron
Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Hair Spray
Temporary hair glue or wig clips

  1. Curl your natural hair and the extensions using a 1 ¼ inch barrel iron and set them with Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Hair Spray.
  2. Dot temporary hair glue along the top of the extension track or sew wig clips along the top of the track.
  3. Secure Individual extensions pieces to the head (using either temporary hair glue or wig clips) in horizontal rows starting from the base of the scalp and alternating with rows of natural hair.


What You'll Need:

Pair of smooth, foam latex prosthetics
Kryolan Pros-Aide Adhesive
Kryolan Pros-Aide Creme
Cotton Swab

  1. Prep by cleasing the eyebrows and surrounding skin with an astringent to remove excess oils.
  2. Fit the prosthetic atop the eyebrow.
  3. Hold the prosthetic in place with one hand while using a cotton swab to coat it with Kryolan Pros-Aide Adhesive with the other.
  4. Let the adhesive tacky, then press the prosthetic to the skin.
  5. Smooth and seal the edges with Kryolan Pros-Aide Cream so it blends seamlessly with the skin.
  6. Coat the entire prosthetic with a layer of Kryolan Pros-Aide Adhesive to finish.


What You'll Need:

MAC Micronized Airbrush Makeup in Primary Yellow
MAC Micronized Airbrush Makeup in Hi-Def Cyan
Airbrush Machine

MAC Chromacake in Primary Yellow
MAC Chromacake in Hi-Def Cyan
MAC Pro Performance Sponge

  1. Mix MAC Micronized Airbrush Makeup in Primary Yellow and Hi-Def Cyan to create Gamora's green hue.
  2. Use an airbrush machine to apply the green tint to the skin.
  3. Or, if you don't have an airbush handy, apply MAC Chromacake in both Primary Yellow and Hi-Def Cyan using the MAC Pro Performance Sponge.


What You'll Need:

Sienna red lipstick
Black creme eyeshadow
Black powder eyeshadow
Soft eyeshadow brush
1 set of false lashes
Black mascara

  1. Dab sienna red-colored lipstick up from the outer corner of the eyes.
  2. Paint the upper eyelids black from lash line to crease with an opaque cream shadow.
  3. Use a black powder eyeshadow and a soft eyeshadow brush to soften and blend the color out from the creases and up to the brow bone.
  4. Add a set of false lashes and mascara to complete the eyes.


What You'll Need:

Metallic teal lipstick
Clear MAC Lipglass

  1. Apply metallic teal lipstick to lips.
  2. Top with a coat of Clear MAC Lipglass.


What You'll Need:

MAC Acrylic Paint in Pure White
MAC Acrylic Paint in Black Black
Soft Paint Brush
Reference picture of Gamora

  1. Print out a picture of Gamora to use as a reference.
  2. Use a soft paint brush and MAC Acrylic Paint in Pure White to paint the scars freehand onto your face.
  3. Once the white dries, use MAC Acrylic Paint in Black Black to add shadow next to the scars.


This article was published in 7x7's October 2014 issue.

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