It's Back To School Time! Fall Classes To Rev Up Your Brain

It's Back To School Time! Fall Classes To Rev Up Your Brain


It's fall, which means you're back from your summer shenanigans and ready for action....right? Kick your brain back into gear with these fall classes around town.

Making Aged Cheeses@18 Reasons: Maybe you've made fresh milk cheeses at home before, but here's some next level knowledge–how to make aged and deliciously stinky cheeses on your very own countertop. Taught by Louella Hill, you'll learn all that and proper aging and storing, the ins and outs of making blue cheese, the nature of molds, and how different strains taste. Yum! Class starts Tuesday, Sept. 13, from 6-8 pm. Get tickets per class, or tickets for a series of classes.

Re-Animate and Reconstruct Your Wardrobe @ Workshop: Everyone knows back-to-school is all about getting new clothes! Well instead of new clothes, try reinvigorating those neglected items crowding your closet! You'll breathe new life into clothes that don't fit or items that are missing that certain something-something. Just bring in 3 to 6 articles of clothing in need of a makeover, and teacher Nicole Stevenson will show you how to work your magic. Sept. 13, 7:30-10:30 pm. Sign up here.

Bob Mould In Conversation with Shepard Fairey @City Arts & Lectures: A meeting of the minds takes place this month when post-punk legend Bob Mould talks about his tumultuous childhood and journey towards coming out as a gay man to Shepard Fairey, an artist and designer (his "HOPE" portrait of Obama now hangs in the Smithsonian) whose work is rooted in the DIY ethos of punk rock and skateboarding. Proceeds help 826 Valencia's college scholarship program. On Sept. 20 at Herbst Theatre, starts at 8 pm. Tickets here. See the full fall schedule here.

Pisco Cocktail How-To @18 Reasons: As we've said before, San Francisco and pisco go way, way back–and it's climbing its way back into our collective consciousness thanks to local bars and classes like this one at 18 Reasons. Get on the cutting edge and learn how to make Pisco Sours, simple syrup and a coffee-infused pisco that you'll get to take home with you if you bring your own 8 oz. jar. Sept. 21, from 7-9 pm. Tickets here.

Fire Escape Farming @ Workshop: Fall is here (by the way, are we getting an indian summer or not?), which means it's the perfect time to start a little garden of your own. No backyard? No problemo. Green thumb extraordinaire and owner of Fire Escape Farming in the Mission, Naya Peterson, will help you create an edible urban garden that will thrive year round. You'll learn how to plant seeds and transplant plants, then leave with your very own wooden window box. Sunday, Sept. 25, from 12-2 pm. Sign up here.

Bike Mainentance Classes @ Bike Kitchen: These ongoing classes will get you up close and personal with the inside and outside of your beloved bike. You'll be able to install and remove tubes and tires, adjust brakes and gears, maintain your chain, true your wheels, and overhaul your entire bike when needed. They don't require previous experience, but you've got to be willing to get your hands dirty. Their upcoming classes can be viewed here.

Polaroid Rescue Class @ Photobooth: This newbie is already offering an awesome-sounding class for anyone nostalgic for the days when Polaroid cameras ruled the amateur photography scene. They'll teach you how to fix up old Polaroids you can find at any thrift shop and then, of course, how to use them properly to take amazing photos. They'll explain to you which cameras to seek out in second-hand stores, and which ones are plain junk. Each class includes a camera that you will fix up on the spot. Oct. 29, costs $200. Sign up by email:

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