Jamie Lauren: 10 Things I Haven't Done In Years


My life consists of working. All. Of. The. Time. When I am not working I attempt to maintain some sort of normal life—like see the dentist, clean the bathroom or get the dishes out of the sink and into the cupboard. Since graduating from the CIA Hyde Park I have not:

1. Had a date on a Saturday night.
2. Splurged on a fancy dinner on New Year’s Eve.
3. Eaten breakfast (except for my yearly birthday splurge at the Ritz for Sunday brunch, but even that is after noon).
4. Attended a holiday gathering only on wine duty.
5. Balanced my checkbook.
6. Bought toilet paper any place other than a 24-hour Walgreens.
7. Fed my cats at a reasonable hour.*
8.Watched a television show at the allotted time; with Tivo I have not seen a commercial in years.
9. Been thankful that Hallmark invented Valentine’s Day.
10. Dined in a restaurant without being horribly envious or disturbingly hypercritical.

All that being said, I do a have the pleasure of Mondays off when everyone else is beginning their work week (and then I have no one to play with). Does anyone else have Mondays off? One day I will know how much I have in my checking account and have items in my refrigerator other than a Britta and two bottles of hot sauce, but until then my frazzled thoughts will stay with new brunch item I’m going to be serving on Saturday and when those new oysters are going to be arriving from Virginia.

*Don’t be alarmed and please don’t go and call animal care and control…the cats always manage to get their fat little faces stuffed with kibble.

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