How to Join the Jellyfish Flash Mob That's About to Take Over Union Square


If you thought you missed your chance to get jiggly with the jellyfish flash mob, Christmas has come early for you this year.

On Thursday, December 21st, the Mission-based performance group Billion Jelly Bloom will light up Union Square with psychedelic undulations of giant, luminous jellyfish. But don't just stand by—the troupe is still seeking participants (two more at press time) to join the crew of dancing invertebrates.

If it is your lifelong dream to wield an eight-pound, LED-powered mega puppet, you can fill out this brief application ("Why will you make a great jellyfish?") for your opportunity to perform and amaze your friends. Think of the IG opp!

You might want to consider some pre-performance training—if selected, you'll be ask to dip, swarm, sting and groove with your puppet for the duration of the 60- to 90-minute event.

At 600-plus-lumen bright, the fanciful puppets weren't always so sophisticated. The original jellyfish were primitively made with broomsticks, foil ribbon and internal flashlights inside studio lighting umbrellas, and made their debut in Santa Cruz on Halloween in 2010. When the creators and SF natives Robert and Patricia Lord took the idea to Burning Man a year later and received requests to perform at events including the Treasure Island Music Festival, Billion Jelly Bloom was born.

If you're seeking holiday festivities even more kaleidoscopic than our compilation of extravagant Christmas lights, head over to Union Square this Thursday evening. There will be opportunities to dance amid glowing tentacles, but if you want to secure your own, head over to their website and think hard about why you would make a supreme jellyfish. Shine on. // 7pm-9pm, 333 Post St. (Union Square),,


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