Local Bars & Kickstarter Are Tapped to Help Build A New SF Brewery


San Francisco’s liquid locavores, Regan Long and Sarah Fenson of Local Brewing Co. will take their popular Glen Park Pale Ale to ten bars and restaurants over the next five weeks. While the two are trying to satisfy numerous requests to return their beer to the masses, their primary purpose is to help promote the next step in developing their fledgling company: raising additional capital through Kickstarter to finance a brewery and tap room.
Regan and Sarah have been hosting informal tasting events at Dolores Park Cafe and offering free brewing classes/tastings at SF Underground Market and other venues for a couple of years, all the while collecting feedback from samplers that the two then used to hone their recipes. Several months ago, with a polished recipe for their 1776 IBA in hand, they approached Ron Silberstein and Brenden Dobel at Thirsty Bear for the use of their facilities to produce a 15 barrel batch (480 gallons) for this year’s SF Beer Week. The two enjoyed watching as their IBA sold out at the nine locations around town that were tapping it.
For this current collaboration, Regan and Sarah returned to the Thirsty Bear facilities to produce the Glen Park Pale Ale. The beer is brewed with German Munich and Carmel malts and bittered with Amarillo and Glacier hops for a crisp and tidy finish. Glen Park, like all their brews, is designed as a session beer.
Local Brewing’s web site lists the bars and restaurants in the city that are slated to pour their ale. The kickoff for their Kickstart will be at Kilowatt on Thursday 6/16 from 6:30 - 9pm. Regan notes, “The reason we chose to have the opening event there is because they are donating the profits from the first keg of our Glen Park Pale to our fundraising effort.” Note that since this is a promotion and Local Brewing isn’t yet licensed under their own label, Regan and Sarah won’t receive proceeds from the sale of this batch.
If you would like to help finance their brewery more directly than just buy buying initial pints at Kilowatt, check the Local Brewing web site for a link to Kickstarter. Regan and Sarah plan to offer rewards to contributors, such as their signature one liter stainless bottles. The container will include refills commensurate with the contribution. As to where they plan to build their brewery? Regan and Sarah noted that they are currently scouting sites in the Dogpatch.

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