SF Symphony 2008 Opening Night Gala


Music enthusiasts of all ages joined in celebrating the opening of the SF Symphony’s 2008–2009 season on Wednesday, September 3. The evening’s performances included Bernstein's Symphonix dances from West Side Story and pieces by pianist Yefim Bronfman.

Anna Alioto

Holly Grochmal, Sarah Lewis, Roberta Economidis

Fati Farmanfarmaian, Lauren Dickinson, Andrea Coen

Alison Green, Drexel Bradshaw

Steven O'Loughlin, Leslie Hu, Sophia Gutierrez, Joe Garcia

Dylan Gold, Emi Hofmeister, Avra Winograd, Justin Durack

Michael Driscoll, Catherine Hopkins

Charlot Malin, Gregory Malin

Ferol Alandt, Austin Andruss, Robin Singleton

Stephen O'Loughlin, Leslie Hu, Stuart Canning

Damion Matthews, Amber Marie Bently, Mireille Schwartz, Christopher Bently

Debbie Hana Yi, Joy Boatwright

Michelle Dennen, Luke Diaz

Carla Zuber, Kelly Grimes, Roberta Economidis

Eric Hankinson, Krista Mitzel Hankinson, Kathryn Pellegrini Inglin, Damien Inglin

Krista Mitzel Hankinson, Emily Dumitrescu

Patricia Ferrin Loucks, Carla Zuber, Kathryn Pellegrini Inglin, Krista Mitzel Hankinson

Debbie Hana Yi, Joy Boatwright, Suzanne Hingel

Bob Perun, Wes Simpson, Kevin Whittaker, Justin Fichelson

Tyrone Anderson, Cristina Foung

Michelle Curtis, Jody Harris

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