Shop Local With the Tap of a Finger

Shop Local With the Tap of a Finger


Originally published on California Home + Design

Trust San Francisco to make shopping local even easier. New iPhone app SixDoors curates high-quality goods and delivers them right to your doorstep (or office, or parklet) the same day.

The app partnered with more than 50 stores citywide, which means that a whole lot of goodies are just a swipe away. Users can browse by category (women, men, eat+drink, home, tech) or collection (Treat of the Week, Wine Delivery, The Ultimate Man Collection, New Arrivals). Selecting an item will take you to a screen with a product description and a “love it” scale similar to Instagram’s. Click on the store name to see how fast the goods can travel from the store to your door – a “Can Deliver Now” availability makes it all too easy to get your purchases in a snap - or rather, a tap.

Beautifully curated shopping outlets boasting handcrafted wares, luxurious furniture pieces, and techy accessories (those Pantone iPhone cases!) are sprinkled throughout the city, some in neighborhoods that we don’t frequent nearly as often as we’d like. “We’re all so busy that we don’t always have time to discover and explore them all,” said SixDoors founder Pascal Levy-Garboua.

Store-to-door delivery

Click here to read the full scoop on this awesome new app!

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