#TBT: The Bay Area Newspapers and Magazines That Are No More

#TBT: The Bay Area Newspapers and Magazines That Are No More


No one loves a magazine or a newspaper more than we do; and being a bustling, creative metropolis, the Bay Area has its share of top-notch periodicals.

But as everyone knows, publishing is tough and favorite rags come and go, whether due to lack of funding, changing readership, the advent of digital or, you know, writers quitting their pen gigs to instead go mine for gold.

This week, take a look back at some local gazettes that have come and gone.

Splendora (1999 - 2009)

If you are a woman of style who lived in San Francisco (or L.A. or NYC) in the mid- to late-aughties, then you certainly remember Splendora with all the warm fuzzies. Founded by entrepreneur and fashion maven Gina Pell, Splendora was a trailblazer in online publishing, offering up all-digital city and shopping guides way back then. In 2009, Pell and her partner Amy Parker sold their beloved brand to the video shopping site Joyus; and in 2015, the pair landed in 7x7's Hot 20 when they returned to the business of stylish e-newsletters with the launch of TheWhat.

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