The Good, Bad, and WTF of Silicon Valley Fashion Week

The Good, Bad, and WTF of Silicon Valley Fashion Week


Form and function mingled onstage in a mishmash of technology-inspired garments this week at the first ever Silicon Valley Fashion Week.For three nights, The Chapel bar in the Mission (we're still unclear as to why SV Fashion Week was in San Francisco, too) was converted into a center for the Peninsula's version of haute couture, with local designers showcasing their imaginative work to an enthusiastic and increasingly inebriated young crowd of mostly techies.

When one hears “Silicon Valley,” things like Apple Watches, Google Glasses, and cargo shorts with hoodies come to mind, yet this event largely defied those stereotypes. Was it high fashion? Not quite. Many items onstage delighted the audience, some were certainly inventive, and a few were downright terrifying, but ultimately they did a great job of representing the artistic and innovative spirit that has always characterized this region.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a Silicon Valley event without superfluous drones.

See the good, the bad, and the WTF of Silicon Valley fashion for yourself in the photos above. 

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