The Hot 20 Party


photography by Gene Higa for Drew Altizer

7x7 threw a big bash at Bimbo's last night to honor the multi-talented group of artists, musicians, restaurateurs, writers, entrepreneurs, designers and athletes comprising this year's Hot Twenty under Forty. Festivities included performances by burlesque samba troupe Hot Pink Feathers and Hot 20 honorees Magic Bullets with a cornucopia of food by Taste Catering and cocktails compliments of Johnnie Walker Black and Cîroc. Actress Jennifer Siebel served as emcee for the night.

Andrea Minoo_Dahi Donnelly Alyse Walden_Kelly Carlson Cara Reagan_Antonia Hauck
Andrea Minoo, Dahi Donnelly   Alyse Walden, Kelly Carlson     Cara Reagan, Antonia Hauck

Danny Manoukian_Jamilah Morrar Hot 20 burlesque dancer Nina Tiari_David Mohammadi
Danny Manoukian, Jamilah Morrar                                                 Nina Tiari, David Mohammadi

Magic Bullets at Hot 20 party Jennifer Siebel_guest
Magic Bullets                                                                          Jennifer Siebel, Jamie Daves

Williamson_Elizabeth_TonyCharles Dan Oxman_Amy Scott
Teresa Rodriguez Williamson, Elizabeth & Tony Charles    Dan Oxman, Jill Scott

Leilani Labong_Phil Sweet_Nerissa Pacio
Leilani Labong, Phil Sweet, Nerissa Pacio                

Brian Sheehy_Jenny Georges_guest Hot 20 burlesque dancer
Brian Sheehy, Jenny Georges, guest

Hot 20 under 40 party Julio Benavides_Nima G
                                                                                                  Julio Benavides, Nima G.

Karolina Kielbowicz, Karl Hasz, Lani Kopstein, Brooke Heckaman

Trishelle Ortiz, Katie Nottelman, Michelle Fajardo, Elizabeth McColl
Check out the video of 7x7's Hot 20 party at Bimbo's:

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