Top 7 Spring Fashion Trends for SF Dandies

Top 7 Spring Fashion Trends for SF Dandies


Our resident fashion expert Lauren Goodman canvasses the collections to see how spring's top trends stack up for guys in San Francisco. 

1. Talented Mr. Ripley

Hints of the 1940s and '50s look interesting this season as high waists and collars worn out over suit lapels evoke a sense of midcentury leisure. Expect Mission barbers and bartenders to sport this style. It's timely: Big Eyes, the new Tim Burton movie due out later this year, is set in 1950s North Beach. Head to Cigar Bar and smoke it. 

LG Says: So wrong, it's right. 

The Look: Missoni 

Try It: Floral print trunk, Saturdays Surf NYC,  $75 

2. New Shorts

The Bermuda short is making a comeback, both above and below the knee. Although San Francisco climes require nothing less than pants, travel – even 20 minutes north – calls for something cooler. 

LG Says: Make the cut. 

The Look: Dries Van Noten 

3. Neo-Dandy 

Ken Fulk meets tattooed hipster in paisley prints and regal, saturated silks teamed with bad boy hair. If a smoking jacket feels like a reach, pick up an evening scarf and tuck it into your collar. 

LG Says: Werk!

The Look: Haider Ackerman 

Try It: Farrow socks by Richard Poorer, $12

4. Blue Note

From baby to navy, blue is the hue du jour. Layer multiple shades, and work it into a Canadian tuxedo. You're probably wearing one already. What's so hard about that? 

LG Says: No-brainer

The Look: Balmain 

5. Spring Jacket

Although an extra layer feels new in fashion, it's business as usual when the SF fog rolls in. Hang on to your North Face, but diversify with more nuanced options. From peacoats to longer sweepers, an elegant topper keeps spring smart. 

LG Says: Yes, please! 

The Look: Hermès 

6. In Bloom 

Florals are the dominant trend for spring. And yes, we mean for men. Blossoming suits are major. Flowered shirts will make a splash. Lack the courage to wear it in town? Take it to Hawaii. 

LG Says: Super Fresh

The Look: Gucci 

7. Sports Fan 

The runway emulated Mill Valley and Crissy Field with anoraks, tennis sweaters, chic basketball shorts, high-tech performance fabrics, mesh, and sneakers. Try a nylon belt or neon-soled trainers with khakis. OK, you're doing this already. Carry on! 

LG Says: Duh

The Look: Burberry

Try It: Topo Designs Medium Duffel, $129 

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