Treasure Island Music Festival 2013: In Photos


Another epic Treasure Island Music Festival went down over the weekend, weather be damned.

Promises of temps in the upper 70s were obviously not taking Treasure Island into consideration. No matter, the sun was shining and the lineup on both Saturday and Sunday jammed so passionately that a little dancing in the middle of the crowd was enough to stay toasty. One thing Treasure Island does amazingly well is not skip a beat and there were no lags between sets (minus a short delay pre-Beck). Just a quick bounce back and forth between the Bridge Stage and Tunnel Stage quenched every one's musical thirst.

Per usual, Saturday was heavy on the electronic sets. Poolside hit the nail on the head with their namesake and should have had piña coladas passed around as they mesmerized the crowd with their groovy, ambient tunes. Phantogram was a huge hit and the bouncing, bright jellyfish added to the atmosphere. By the time Atoms for Peace played, much of the crowd had retreated from the cold (you could easily stand as far forward as the sound tent) but Flea's signature bass lines and Thom Yorke's evocative moaning pleased.

Sunday brought more nipping winds and the indie lineup. STRFKR was a highlight with their danceable light pop melodies plus a bizarre sideshow. Beck was dressed appropriately and fans were contented with old faves and new songs. Up-and-coming hot sister act Haim appeared to be the crowd sweethearts. All in all, Treasure Island Music Festival fits the bill of a quintessential San Francisco music festival with an eclectic fusion of beloved heavyweights and obscure rising stars, plus endless talk about the weather.

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