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Nihon Whisky Lounge Makes's List of Best Single-Spirit Bars in the Country

Bars specializing in only one kind of spirit have recently been sprouting up around the country. rounded up the best specialty joints in the nation, and our very own Nihon Whisky Lounge on Folsom Street made the list. If you're a fan of Scotch, the bar offers more than 200 single malts from Scotland, plus blends and whiskies from around the planet, all available by either the taste, glass or bottle.

Yigit Pura's Favorite San Francisco Sweets

The sweet-centric Top Chef spinoff, Top Chef Just Desserts is in its fourth week—and while one of the SF cheftestants has already gotten the ax, Yigit Pura, the Turkish-born pastry chef at Taste Catering, is still in the running. The show airs each Wednesday at 10 p.m. Tune in to root for the home team.

The Summit Opens: Your New Third Space Hangout

This morning on my way to work, I swung by The Summit, which just opened its doors today. The space is modern and massive, with ceilings reaching to almost 24 feet high, wood paneled walls and an angular handcrafted wood bar made of reclaimed walnut (I'm waiting for someone to dare to tell me something's not reclaimed). Above, a mezzanine set with work spaces wraps around and below, sits the cafe space set with bench tables and couches, of which were already occupied with the requisite Mac laptop users nursing Blue Bottle. It's a sweeping, light-filled space.

Market Watch: Getting Ready for CUESA's Sunday Supper

Every year around this time the CUESA office is buzzing with excitement as we approach our biggest fundraising event -- the Sunday Supper. This Sunday, October 3rd, marks the eighth time we have asked over 60 of our favorite chefs to create menus using ingredients straight from the markets for a group of dedicated supporters.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week

Each week, we bring you our top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF.

1. Giants Tickets Get 2-For-1 Beers: We know a lot of you are headed out to AT&T this weekend to see the Giants snatch up the division title from their rivals, the Padres. Since beer prices get a little steep at the stadium, consider hiking up to Dave's after the game; the cool little dive, just south of Market, is offering two-for-one beers with your ticket stub. (After any Giants game with stub, at Dave's, 29 3rd St., SOMA.)

Locked & Loaded: Happy National Coffee Day

Did you know today is National Coffee Day? No? Oh, well, that's probably because it's a totally bogus and utterly made-up thing. Locked & Loaded had initially planned to revisit the Blue Bottle in Dolores Park debate today (which generated some heated commentary two weeks ago). But why stoke up anger on everybody's favorite holiday, on our traditional celebration of National Coffee Day? Instead, it seems like a good day to celebrate how good we have it in the Bay Area.  

Paul's Picks: Five Wines For an Indian Summer

Paul Einbund is the wine director of the Slanted Door restaurant group. He's also worked as the sommelier at Frances, Coi and more. Look for him here every Tuesday.

1. Riesling—any Riesling, though I'll pull out a Dr. Loosen from the Mosel region of Germany because it's low alcohol, light and crisp.  And if you choose a Riesling kabinet, then just a little sweet. Try: Dr. Loosen Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinet 2008

Weird Art in Bars: Bigfoot Lodge

Taxidermy takes a turn for the entertaining at Bigfoot Lodge, beloved den of flaming s’mores and other concoctions that might make you wish for an early death the next morning. But the stuffed trophies adorning the walls aren’t the expected big game moose or buffalo - i.e., the hunter’s equivalent of a muscle car. The mounted raccoon heads and what looks suspiciously like a sloth dangling from a branch might more accurately represent a hybrid, stating that Bigfoot Lodge is perfectly happy with its penis size, thank you.

Eat It: Noma, Oktoberfest and Sunday Supper

CUESA Sunday Supper

The much ballyhooed (by me, at least) CUESA Sunday Supper is coming right up. Buy tickets now for the star chef-filled event (or spot some beasts and be entered to win a pair!), proceeds from which go to support CUESA's educational programming. Eat well for a great cause!

Eat Gazpacho Now! How, Why and Where

This blistering, sweltering Indian summer day has the city panting, looking for instant coolers. And considering tomato season is just near over, I'd say gazpacho what you gotta have. I've been dreaming about it all day as we turn to puddles in our non air-conditioned office.

Here's where to get it or how to make it. Your choice.

Eat it:

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