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Wine Country

Recommended Wine Classes For All Levels

Looking to impress your friends or a date with a little knowledge about fine wine and food pairings?  Or perhaps you’re seriously considering a career in the wine industry?  Whatever your level of interest may be, knowing your wines and what to serve them with will certainly serve you well. Here are our favorite places and classes, at all levels, to get you on the road to becoming an educated Oenophile:

Get Glitzy at the Napa Valley Film Festival's Gala, November 8

Napa Valley Film Festival Gala

The Napa Valley Film Festival, one of the region's most buzzed-about happenings, is just a breath away....and indeed now that the stressful election season is drawing to a close, a trip up to Wine Country sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

The Edgiest Art in Wine Country? Christopher Hill Gallery Opens in Healdsburg

Christopher Hill Gallery

From his gallery perched above Saint Helena’s Main Street, Christopher Hill has been bringing international artists to–and highlighting internationally acclaimed artists with strong local roots in–the Napa Valley for over a decade. He is celebrating his ten-year anniversary this fall by looking to Sonoma. On November 1st, the doors at 326 Healdsburg Avenue opened on Hill’s third location (he also has a gallery in his native home of Austria).

Cooking 101 with Wine Country Flavor

cooking class ingredients

We eat well in the Bay Area. You might even make the case that we’re spoiled. You can grab carne asada for dinner from your favorite taqueria one night, then order pasta the next without leaving the block. Folks might be tempted to eat at home more often if they could make it taste like the pros. Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma teaches chefs-in-the-making there's no reason to starve in your own kitchen.

The Audacity of Layer Cake Wines

Layer Cake WInes

In another tasteless election year full of half-truths, back room compromises, and diluted promises, wouldn't it be great to sit down and enjoy something pure and righteous? While many would argue it's akin to a religious intervention, we're talking about enjoying a dose of one hundred percent pure joy via a bottle or two of Layer Cake Wines. 

Good Times and Good Wine in Sonoma County

With 1,100 or so vineyards in Sonoma County, the hard part isn’t finding a good bottle of wine, it’s deciding which bottle to drink. Equally tough, deciding which vineyard to visit when you get the chance to escape to Wine Country.

Food, Film, and Wine Unite at the Napa Valley Film Fest's Food Arts Panel Series

Wine Glass

It doesn't get much better than watching world-class film talent flicker across the silver screen amongst the gorgeous, rolling hills of Napa Valley. That's why we're excited for the approaching Napa Valley Film Festival, which kicks off on November 7th and doesn't stop until November 11th.

One event we can't wait to attend is the Food Arts panel series, from November 9-11.

Southern and Central California Wineries to Spend the Night

JUSTIN Vineyards and Winery

Accommodations at wineries; it's not exactly that novel of a concept, yet it's not something you see much of in California. While we recently featured Northern California wineries where you can spend the night, today we feature Southern and Central California wineries with accommodations. 

Napa Valley Winery Helps Identify Your Wine Personality

Wine Personality

You know you like your coffee black, your towels soft, your Thai food extra spicy. You’re a person with particular taste and strong preferences. So why is it so hard to find a wine you really truly love? Swanson Vineyards in Napa Valley says forget about the wine; let’s talk about you.  

Preferred Wine Partner

Venture into the World Of Spicy

Get in touch with your daring side with the rule breaking wine, Spicy Vines.

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