5 Delicious Brunch Items at the Ferry Plaza Saturday Farmers Market

5 Delicious Brunch Items at the Ferry Plaza Saturday Farmers Market


Saturdays at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is easily one of the best ways to procure California’s finest and freshest produce. Along with the dozens of farmers, artisans, and food makers, there are also a plethora of food stands for you to brunch at (food shopping is hard work and should never be done on an empty stomach). But with so many different vendors—what should you eat? Fret not, here are our favorites. 

Oysters at Hog Island Oyster Co

We’re pretty sure every meal should start with oysters. They’re light, bright, and briny and really awaken the palette, even (read: especially) if it’s 10am at the farmers market. Visit Hog Island Oyster Co and down a dozen freshly-shucked oysters. Stuff this fresh requires only a small sprinkle of lemon to counter the salty flavor of the ocean. // hogislandoysters.com

Smoked Salmon at Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke

There are few things in life better than a pristine piece of smoked fish. Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke has some of the best in the bay and serves them on a variety of delicious open-faced sandwiches (also popularly known as toasts). Our favorite is the white salmon lox, served on a soft slice of Acme sourdough smeared with cream cheese, then layered with thin slices of cold-smoked white king salmon and topped with shaved cucumbers, pickled onions, capers, and a sprinkle of lavender salt. // holysmokedsalmon.com

Chilaquiles at Primavera

If there’s only one thing you get while at the Saturday market, it must be the chilaquiles from Primavera. Thick, housemade tortilla chips are smothered in a warm salsa, usually roja but sometimes verde, and served alongside fluffy scrambled eggs and refried beans  fried in lard from River Dog farms. Topped with onions, cilantro, queso fresco, and perfectly ripe chunks of buttery avocado, these are without doubt the best chilaquiles one can find in San Francisco. Pro Tip: you can get a half order of chilaquiles if you’re feeling full, but you should probably just supplement it with whatever taco they have that day. // primaveratamales.com 

Breakfast Sandwich at 4505 Meats

A good breakfast sandwich can be hard to come by—but 4505 does it right. A thick maple bacon sausage patty is griddle-seared, then topped with a thin slice of gruyere, an over-easy egg, and some bright green peppercress to battle through the richness of it all. There’s not much else you need, except dessert. // 4505meats.com

Slice of Pie at Three Babes

Because you should end every meal on a sweet note, finish your farmers market brunch extravaganza with a slice of pie from Three Babes. Made with organic ingredients and a whole lot of love, you can’t really go wrong with any option, but we’d stick to the fruit-based pies, which are sourced from the same farmers that you’ll see at the Farmers Market. 

Omar Mamoon is the founder of Dough & Co.

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