A Very Touchy-Feely Erotic Dinner Series Comes to SF (No Touching Below the Waist)


Food and sex have always gotten along. It was with this pairing in mind that chef Chris Hubbard launched a meal series unlike any other, where dinner meets live makeout sesh and striptease, and the only rule is no touching below the waist.

Our Gourmet Life aims to reignite the fire between couples with a hedonistic four-course feast where you'll nibble such dishes as escargot and red wine-glazed flat iron steak all while your black-masked server "runs their hands through your hair and gives a slow, gentle massage as you breathe in the aroma from the food." (Depending on who you are, you either just said Ew! aloud, or you've already clicked through to the company's website for a ressie.)

We've all heard about the Blind Cafe and various dinners in the dark. But Chef Hubbard's new concept is a whole other game. While you eat, your servers, both male and female, will dance, kiss, touch, and flirt with each other and you and your date; by the time dessert comes around, pieces of clothing have gone out the door with your savory scraps. You can't touch the servers unless they offer themselves up, but they can touch you...if it's above the waist, it's fair game. Hubbard says it's all about building a safe environment for adults to play in public.

The idea first got fishnet-clad legs back in 2011 when the chef and his wife Beth, a professional dancer, wanted to do something special for a couple of friends. “We put together a sexy dinner. I made lots of food. Beth and some of her friends dressed up like French maids and served the dinner." As you may have guessed, the event was a hit. Another erotic dinner followed, and the rest is history. Six years later, the chef is spicing things up with a new dinner game for couples: He places a red ribbon on the table after dinner and asks you to tie up your partner. The most creative tying wins a prize...

Dinners takes place in an industrial loft in SoMa twice a month. The next dinner is December 19th. // Intrigued? Dinners range from $100 to $160 per person. To make a reservation go to ourgourmetlife.com.

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