New Pop-Up Offers Couples Therapy + Dinner in the Dark

New Pop-Up Offers Couples Therapy + Dinner in the Dark


Things not going so well between you and bae? Why not treat them to a nice dinner/therapy session in a dark basement? 

San Francisco psychotherapist Dr. Michelle Wang is setting out to fix all your relationship problems. In 2014, Wang founded SF Momentarya pop-up dinner series crafted to deepen your relationship with your S.O.—sort of like going to therapy, but with wine (preferably LOTS of wine).  

This month, SF Momentary is teaming up with The Blind Cafe (the one where you eat dinner in complete darkness) to merge couple's therapy and dinner into one very intimate (and kinda creepy) night. 

The inaugural dinner, "A Momentary Blind Cafe," will be held for three nights only, from August 18-20, in the basement of Alternative Apparel in Hayes Valley. That's right. In the basement. In the pitch black. No phones allowed. 

With space for only six couples per night, your intimate evening will include two glasses of wine, cheese, and a tasting menu (vegetarian options available). As pairings, expect playful exercises, designed by Wang, to deepen the romantic relationship between couples. Mentally prepare yourself for: feeding your partner, "My Truth Is Your Truth" exercises, and sing-alongs, with a spiked cup of hot chocolate to conclude the session. Incessant gigglers need not apply.

//  Intrigued? Tickets are $150 per couple. Get them here

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