Booze, Boys, and Brownies: A Musical Journey


Somehow women became hopelessly entrenched in the idea that success requires us to make ourselves miserable - whether because current denim sizing declares wordlessly yet emphatically that brownies are a bad idea or because we think mentally pummeling ourselves will keep us on the right track. (Why?) (Dear god, why?)

Veronica Mannion’s one-woman musical comedy tackles self-esteem and how to stay true to yourself, even as she combs Tinseltown for an agent, an apartment, and a job of any description. Battling thin chicks with improbably blonde hair, the absurd auditions that are de rigeur for any struggling young actor, and her own love of brownies, she eventually finds herself on the winding path to happiness. A path that lands her smack in the (un?)fortunate realization that happiness doesn't have anything to do with jobs, booze, or brownies. (Still reserving judgment on the boys.)
December 3-11. Exit Theatre, 156 Eddy Street. $9-12 at


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