Editors' Picks: Year-End Mashup, Pastel Bags, & More


Here's what the 7x7 scribe tribe couldn't stop thinking about this week.

DJ Earworm's "United State Of Pop 2014"

Each December, SF-based DJ Earworm drops his wildly anticipated "United State of Pop," a mashup featuring Billboard's Top 25 songs of the year. It's a wonderful way to catch up on all the songs you missed. This year's batch includes Katy Perry's Dark Horse (meh), Maroon 5's "Animals" (ew), and Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" (pure unbridled genius). And should the mood strike, here's last year's mix. — Brock Keeling (@BrockKeeling)

Street Level Reversible Tote, Nordstrom 

Pastels are the new neutrals this winter, so it only makes sense that I'd rely on this blush tote to carry me through the chilly months. Plus, at that price I'll probably get it in red, too. — Sarah Medina (@funkycolsmedina)

Serial Podcast
This American Life fans were turned on to this podcast a couple of months ago when it aired in lieu of regular programming. And if you tuned in that week, you've likely been glued to your headphones ever since. The real-life story of the murder of high school senior Hae Min Lee In Maryland back in 1999—and the complicated circumstances of her then-boyfriend Adnan Syed's arrest, conviction, and sentence to life in prison—is played out week by week with new episodes released every Thursday morning. Each one leaves you questioning everything that came before it in a whodunnit that will truly mess with you. There are two more left to go in the season, so you¹ve got plenty of time to catch up. Prepare to get hooked. — Schuyler Bailey (@SchuylerBailey)

New Theme Song

Considering the sheer amount of food that comes into this office—Chile pies in abundance, entire catered Chipotle buffets, egg-free chocolate chip cookies from Dough & Co.—it’s a wonder I’m not on My 600-lb Life. In order to keep my weight in check, I’ve been known to adopt a no-dinner policy and a no-snacking policy. But with the holidays well underway, I’ve decided to abandon ship. This Weight Watchers commercial convinced me. It’s set to my theme song— Leilani Marie Labong (@llcoolbabe)

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