Market Watch: Honey Time At The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Market Watch: Honey Time At The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


The market will be all abuzz this Saturday as we celebrate the hard work of the bees at the Honey Festival. From 10 am until 1 pm Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey’s Helene Marshall will be manning our Ask the Beekeeper Booth to answer questions about honey production, hives and beekeeping. She’ll also have samples of some of her favorite varieties of honey available from Marshall’s Farm and culinary tips for using honey.

In the CUESA kitchen starting at 11 am, Sunset Magazine’s Food Editor Margo True will join us to talk about the hives at Sunset’s headquarters. She’ll be demonstrating a honey-based recipe and signing copies of Sunset's brand new book, The One-Block Feast: An Adventure in Food from Yard to Table. Chef JW Foster of the Fairmont Hotel will also be in the kitchen preparing a honey-centric recipe and talking about the hives from Marshall’s Farm they are hosting in the Fairmont’s rooftop culinary garden.

Chef Foster will be followed by Brandon Jew, executive chef of Bar Agricole who recently told me about one of his favorite uses for honey in his kitchen. “Honey can be tricky,” he tells me, “but I love to use it combined with a sweet wine or a Prosecco and pungent herbs like rosemary and savory to marinate small birds like quail and squab. The honey helps the skin caramelize nicely and can impart a nice complexity beyond just sweetness.”

Stop by on Saturday to taste honey from the Fairmont’s hives, sample what the chefs are cooking up, and find out more about the various ways to use honey in your own kitchen (including allergy relief!).

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