Seven Renditions of Huevos Rancheros That Are Muy Delicioso

Seven Renditions of Huevos Rancheros That Are Muy Delicioso


Originating in rural Mexico, Huevos Rancheros is a second, heavier breakfast offered to ranchers after a long morning of herding. Today, the dish has migrated to plates all across US brunch menus, where we sop up refried beans, smokey tomato sauce, and runny egg yolk with fury. Here for you now are seven of the best versions of the dish in the city; so grab a fork (or a chip) and start eating.

Don Pisto's
Head to North Beach for Don Pisto's take on the dish: Crispy tortillas with a spoonful of refritos, eggs sunny side up nestled on top, speckled red and green with pico de gallo and guacamole, and crumbled queso to finish. Spicy, crunchy, gooey, and's enough to make you say, "olé." Get it with a bottomless sangria, and you'll be singing mariachi in no time.

Photo from Ken2.0 from Foodspotting

 Tipsy Pig
If you've ever wondered how Huevos Rancheros can possibly get any better, here's your answer: Get cheese enchiladas involved. Tipsy Pig on Chestnut oven bakes cheesy enchiladas so the corners crisp up just so for crunch, and then smother them in salsa verde, black beans tart with lime, and top that with glistening, over easy eggs. It's served with micro cilantro, avocado, queso asadero, and pico de gallo, all in a piping hot ceramic bowl.

620 Jones
Sit on the patio at 620 Jones in the Tenderloin, for a rooftop vibe that makes you feel like you're on top of San Francisco. Noon is the perfect time to gather rays (if they're around), and their version of the dish, with chips instead of tortillas, is fabulous–black beans, cheese, and avocado, and an all-time favorite: Spicy chorizo. Pulling your chips from their tangled web of melted cheese and runny yolk, it feels a lot like a Huevos-Chilaquiles hybrid of the best sort.

Photo from Trevin C. on Chewsy

Mission Beach Cafe
Mission Beach Cafe makes the cut, including in their version with rancho gordo yellow indian woman beans, Prather Ranch pulled pork, salsa rojo, tomatillo pico de gallo, and cotija cheese. This all sounds great to a Huevos lover, but really, you had us at pulled pork. Served in a big bowl, this melanged dish is perfect for scooping up rich chunks of meat and saucy beans with crunchy tortilla chips served on top.

Slow Club
Over in the Mission, Slow Club has a nice chipotle chicken version. They take smokey grilled tortillas and crown them with two broken eggs, charred, grilled chipotle chicken, and a healthy dose of ranchero salsa. It's finished with cotija, a tangle of chopped romaine for crunch, and back beans–a smokey stack of delicious proportions.

Chef Jose Calvo-Perez fries homemade corn tortillas at Pasión in the Sunset and tops them with black beans, fried eggs, and a house-made fire-roasted tomato sauce that is out of this world; tomatoes and onions are roasted on their wood-burning grill for a smokey richness that is freshened up with rosemary and Calvo-Perez's secret spice blend. Naturally, it's finished with homemade guacamole and sour cream, making this a rich and creamy must-order dish to go with your bottomless mimosas.

Photo by Eva Frye

Prospect's elevated version of the dish stacks white over-easy eggs over silky black beans and crispy fried tortillas. It's bathed in a ranchero sauce that oozes with the developed savory flavor of roasted tomatoes, and cilantro cream bursting with brightness is dabbed on the bottom of the plate. It's the kind of dish whose beauty you'll appreciate before you even sink a fork into it.  
Whose huevos drive you loco? Let us know in the comments below.

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