Suit Up in Customized Clothing by Indochino

Suit Up in Customized Clothing by Indochino


When it comes to suits, quality trumps quantity. While made-to-order clothing can lean on the pricey side, we came across a slick, yet wallet savvy bespoke brand called Indochino. No doubt, this amazing - and affordable - personalized suit maker will leave SF gentlemen in a fashionable tizzy.

Indochino creates well-made customized suits starting at just $299. Unbelievable, right? But there's no catch, we did our reaseach and found nothing more than modern suits and tailored cuts. In fact, there's just about a style for every SF suit-wearing man. We caught up with Indochino's CEO and Co-Founder Kyle Vucko, who was in town last week, to talk about his three must-have suits every SF man should own. His slick picks below:

1. The Ultimate Gray Suit : "It holds up great all year round and is especially fitting for those off and on rainy and foggy days that SF seems to be ever weathering.'

2. The Falconer Navy Velvet Suit: Kyle says this one's for "the more uniquely styled gentlemen", adding, "I often refer to this look as the ‘West Coast Special’, you see it a lot in the high tech and web savvy gentlemen."

3. The Marabella Navy Suit: "Colorful stripes and a peak lapel make this a fun and SF-friendly pinstripe suit (not overly power suit-like), and the blazer looks great dressed down with jeans or chinos."

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