The Big Eat 2011: Now Taking Suggestions

The Big Eat 2011: Now Taking Suggestions


We have a poster of the Big Eat 2010 cover on our wall here at the office, and every day I look up at the Little Skillet fried chicken and waffles and think, "Damn, that looks tasty." I think it's my favorite cover of all time.

Yes, it's time for the Big Eat 2011, coming soon in our February Food + Love issue (isn't that kind of one and the same?).

Last year brought in a good 40 new Eats—meaning a Big Eat cannot rest on its laurels. All year long people send me ideas but this is the official call: Tell us what we've missed, what you've eaten from the new restaurants that have opened in 2010, and what you think we're just dead wrong about. (Remember: A Big Eat has to be a menu staple from a restaurant in San Francisco.)

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment box below. We'll be wrapping this up for our February issue by the beginning of next week, so get your ideas by then.


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