This Week In Live Music: Digitalism, Julian Casablancas, San Fermin, & More


I know you’re asking yourself tough questions right now. Like how could I possibly muster the strength to see shows the week after the Giants won the World Series and after spending all weekend drinking stupid amounts of booze to feel comfortable in my uber-topical costume? The answer is: you live in San Francisco, and this is what you signed up for. No complaining.

Monday: San Fermin and Courtney Barnett at Slim's

When Paul Krugman of the New York Times blogs about you, you’re doing something...right? OK, maybe it just means you’re just contributing to globalization. Whatever your worldview, indie baroque pop band San Fermin is reaching a diverse group of listeners with a wildly ambitious ethos and sound. Quick fun fact: their self-titled debut album is the brainchild of Ellis Ludwig-Leone, and a collaboration with Jess Wolfe of the also-worth-your-time band Lucius.

Thursday: Robert DeLong at Rickshaw Stop

Watching a Robert DeLong set is like witnessing a one-man Habitat for Humanity crusader build a house from scratch in the blink of an eye. DeLong loops samples and instrumentals one-by-one, resulting in an unpredictable yet cohesive structure. Point being? Check him out.

Friday: Digitalism at The Independent

Digitalism’s 2011 album I Love You, Dude still stands as one of the finest electronic albums of the past five years, a tour de force statement from the German duo, now somewhere in or around their prime. As for thier new work, we're enjoying the phenomenally conceptualized single, “Second Chance.”

Saturday: Mariachi El Bronx at The Independent

Don’t be fooled by the name. OK, don’t be entirely fooled by the name. There are some mariachi elements in Mariachi El Bronx, but mostly we find hardcore metal happening here. What? That doesn’t sound like something that could or would or should happen? Too bad. It’s happening, and it’s one of the more daring, celebrated cross-genre experiments happening right now. 

Sunday: Julian Casablancas at The Regency Ballroom

Few rock stars ever carry the swagger Julian Casablancas has maintained over the last decade-plus, ever since the Strokes made rock interesting again in the early 2000s. It makes sense—spearheading a new genre qualifies you for major cool-bro points. Since then, Casablancas’ solo fare has enjoyed modest critical success, and his latest project, the Voidz, is enjoying even more buzz. Casablancas hopes for the Voidz will be an ongoing effort, along with the Strokes, saying “it would be cool playing shows with the Voidz and the Strokes, that could be a cool model.”

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