Weekend Comedy Roundup: Bobby Slayton and Ben Bailey


If you’ve ever watched the Discovery Channel trivia game show “Cash Cab,” and found yourself thinking “hey, this host is kind of funny,” well, that’s because he is. Ben Bailey, he of the mighty testosteroned voice, shaved head and 6’6” frame, got his start in showbiz by standing up on a stage telling jokes to strangers — before he made a living driving a casino-lit NYC cab around asking strangers questions.

Tonight through Sunday, the Emmy Award-winner gigs at Cobb’s. Check out some of his videos here to get an idea of what the superhost is all about:

Over at Punchline, that famously curious venue on a parking lot, revered comic veteran Bobby Slayton continues his three-night stint. Slayton’s been plying his craft for over 20 years, and has caught the attention of Hollywood more than a few times. His credits include “Ed Wood,” “Bandits” and “Dreamgirls,” but his most lasting impression might be felt from his voice-overs in animated shows such as “Dr. Katz” and “Family Guy,” in which his cartoonishly gravelly voice gets its due treatment. Check out his iconic voice and standup wits below:

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