Where to Go for a Jaw-Dropping View of San Francisco


Fill up your thermos with some (Irish) coffee, pack an umbrella, and hit up one of these epic lookout spots this weekend.

1. Grand View Park or “Turtle Hill"

To the seasoned San Franciscan, there is no finer view in the Bay Area than that from San Francisco's front porch, Turtle Hill or "Grand View Park". If the North American continent / plate is a ship, then Grand View Park is the prow giving epic, vast views up and down the California coast and of Golden Gate Park, the Marin Headlands, Golden Gate Bridge and Downtown. Sunset here is simply breathtaking at all times of year. Learn more.

2. Tank Hill

Looking for a cool, under-the-radar spot that's perfect for picnics, chilling out, and chasing the sunset? Look no further than Tank Hill. This little gem of a mini-park is 650 feet high and tucked away in Cole Valley. It's so small that many maps of San Francisco don't even include it. Learn more.

3. Twin Peaks

Yes, of course Twin Peaks makes this list. When you're there, be sure to catch a sunset, as it is absolutely breathtaking. If you are in luck, Karl the Fog will roll in like a tidal wave of fog engulfing everything. Learn more.

4. Corona Heights Park

Corona Heights Park is located north of the Castro and South of Buena Vista Park. The peak of the hill is windy, but it offers an unobstructed panoramic view of the city from downtown to Twin Peaks. It is perfect for taking panoramic pictures of San Francisco at night. Learn more.

5. Mount Davidson

Mount Davidson Park is located in the southwestern part of the city nestled between Diamond Heights and Portola Dr. The climb isn't too difficult, but to reach the top of the 928 ft summit, you should wear closed-toed shoes and be ready for some loose gravel or mud if it's been raining. Learn more.

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